Kreiml + Samurai – Wuff Oink

[su_spacer size=”30″] [su_spacer size=”50″] Artwork for Kreiml & Samurai, Label Honigdachs. For their third album I created a twisted artwork, which repeats itsself on every medium. You can rotate it > it’s melting together and is readable from every side. Like the two characters of kreiml & samurai – two crazy parts, who work together …read more

Kreiml + Samurai – Die Rückkehr des Untiers

    Artwork for Kreiml & Samurai, Label Honigdachs.The artwork I made for their latest album shows the rough style and astute humor of their music. Besides the vinyl I also designed their CD, tour poster and various flyers for every city they visited.

Sophie Humer Yoga, Mind- & Bodywork

[su_spacer] Corporate Design for Sophie Humer Sophie’s concept “Yoga, Mind- & Bodywork” is based on Yoga, Meditation and energetic Bodywork. Yoga is more than just a physical activity. For her it’s a profound, deep way to harmonize body and soul, find inner peace and balance in life. To get to know ones own potential and …read more

ZfK – Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften

Cover illustrations for the magazine ZfK-Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften, University of Münster. Twice a year, two issues are published as a critical medium for discussion of culture, cultural studies and their methodological practice. The cover illustrations are always reflecting the topic in a subtle way and give an allusion to the subject of the current issue. …read more

Sissi + Franz

[su_spacer]   The sujet of emperor Franz Joseph and empress Sissi play around with the traditions and the stereotypes of Austria. I reduced their appearance to the minimum: his beard and her hairstyle with the edelweiss. Although its reduced you still are able to catch the distinguishing characteristic of the former monarchs. In this downscaled …read more

Rechtsanwalt Mag. Max Wälde-Sinigoj

[su_spacer size=”30″] Logo design and buisness card for attorney Mag. Max Wälde-Sinigoj – minimalistic and classic design. The uppercase letters symbolize the scale of justice.


[su_spacer][su_spacer][su_spacer][su_spacer][su_spacer] Custom wedding invitations for Vince+Lena For the future bridal couple I designed individual wedding invitations, which should integrate the rustic country life and the urban life, traditional and modern. I used ornaments and combiend them with a clear sans serif font. the invitations are topped of with print finishing: edge coloring, pantone color, embossing …read more


  Design of the online presence for BSPA-Fortbildungsakademie Wien. The BSPA–Academy is an institution for postgraduate training, based in Vienna. The most important task was a clear distinction of other institutes, which is why we decided to choose the “brain” as the main character of the visual appearance of the academy. A clear design and …read more

A/fund – Agentur für Fundraising & Sponsoring Projekte

      corporate design for a/fund – agency for fundraising & sponsoring projects. The agency supports and advises companies to optimize their social investments. The starting point for the development of the logo and corporate design was an already existing version of the logo, which was revised and put a new complexion on it. …read more

Kreiml & Samurai – Schweinehund T-shirt

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[su_spacer] [su_spacer] [su_spacer size=”40″] [su_spacer] This is an excerpt of my graphics and illustrations. I love to work analogue with coloured pencils, ink, markers and digitally remaster them. As well as to draw digitally just right from the beginning. The approach depends on the substance, which I want to show with my illustrations.


I started a new series with the name: “Spaceface”

Illustartions for Kollektiv Zyklus

hedonism [su_spacer size=”15″] awaking [su_spacer size=”15″] home [su_spacer size=”15″] connection [su_spacer size=”15″] chaos [su_spacer size=”15″] desire [su_spacer size=”15″] vulva [su_spacer size=”15″] origin [su_spacer size=”15″] Kollektiv Zyklus is a platform for female illustrators. A virtual place for all the emotions and the madness that we don’t pay enough attention to in our everyday lives. Every month …read more

Kinemalismus – Filmmagazin

An Illustration i did for a cinema magazine called kinemalismus. The illustartion is based on a fan fiction story of dirtydancing Merken

Videogames – 68 verspielte Jahre?

This project was done for an interactive, scientific exhibition of the’Alpen Adria University’ of Klagenfurt, Austria. My work captures the technical development of the visual appearance of videogames and shows the timeframe of this progress based on my sujet. It shows Super Mario as a symbol for videogames in juxtaposition with the first pixelated version …read more